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test lowlight fz28

I compared the lowlight performance of my FZ28 with the FZ18 and my Fuji F31fd. I was surprised that the difference at ISO 1600 between the FZ28 and F31fd was not so big as I expected. So the compact camera's shows each year any progress in their lowlight performance!

The new Panasonic LX3 is better in lowlight than my F31fd and maybe better than some older DSLR's.
Use a part of the LX3 sensor in the FZ28 and you have a perfect 5Mp superzoom (even better than the FZ50)!I hope Panasonic stops the race for more pixels in their superzooms.

micro four thirds system

Last week I was really disapointed. I expected that the G1 should be really smaller. I concluded that from the next pictures given by Panasonic. :

Starting with the Panasonic L10 as the big one I expected a m43 camera (width x height x lenght (incl.lens) = 119 x 67 x 78
But the G1 was: 124 x 84 x 116: that's twice the volume I expected

So this G1(without a tamron like superzoom) is to big to be my lowlight travel camera.

But if you realy need an SLR like camera for making party pictures then the G1 can be intersting. Because it is smaller the other DSLRs, it has live view, stabilisation and I hope a good lowlight performance


1. micro four third system
Today Pansonic launched the G1.
For me this camera is disappointing. It is not what I hoped / expected of the micro four third system.

With the 15-45 mm lens the dimensions are 123 x 86 x 116 cm
This combination is as big as my old SLR Olympus om2:

And with F3.0 that combination is not really fast!

With the 45-200 mm lens the dimensions are 123 x 86 x 150 cm
This second combination is longer then a Nikon D60 with Tamron zoom.

So this G1 will not be my lowlight camera!

The basis idea of an DSLR without a mirror is perfect, but
.. this G1 will not be the alternative for FZ50-users.
.. this G1 is also not the portable lowlight supplement for the FZ28.

So I had to wait for the improvements of the smaller sensor systems the next years. And I am still hopeful. I see big difference in high iso quality between my first DigiCam in 2000 and my FZ28 in 2008

I will cancel my visit to the Photokina.

2. FZ28
The fz28 is really better then the fz18. I like this camera!


Today is my birthday! A nice day to start this new website.

Soon I will describe here my experience with my panasonic fz28.This camera is really better then the fz18!

End september I will go the Photokina2008 in Köln. Maybe the new micro four third system of Olympus/Panasonic wil solve my problem with image quality at lowlight: finally a modern portabale big sensor camera?