Ruud's Imagination
My FZ28

Since end August 2008 I have my FZ28.
The Panasonic FZ28 is for me an amazing daylight travel camera in combination with my compact lowlight Fuji F31fd.

My case is the Dörr Malta Mini: it is a small and gives a a good protection.

For lens protection I use a 46mmv-haze B+W UV-filter and I hardly use my lens-cap.

I use always a wrist cord and not the neck strap.

If you can avoid it: don't use small diafragmas (A 8) on the FZ28, it will make your photos look softer. You will lose details due to difraction.

Avoid strong underexposure: moonpictures show that FZ28 pictures have noise-artefacts if the exposuretime is not high enough.

With the macro setting yYou can catch small objects with different zoomfactors (= focuslengths). Different focuslengths give a different magnification (Field of View) of the object.
The minimal object distance varies with the focuslength (and is not detailed presented in the fz28 screen).

My measurements are :

1x zoom (F 4.8) on 1 cm catches an object of 3.5 cm (magification=100%)
16x tele zoom (F86.4) on 90cm catches an object of 10 cm (magification=35%)

Make your Moonshots In the Manual exposure mode.
This full moon was catched with: size 10mp jpg++; :F=86.4; A=6.3; T=1/200; Noisereduction=-2; no post-processing and 50% resized