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FZ28 test

FZ28 Compared with FZ18 (and F31fd)

My impression is that the FZ28 camera is on all aspects better then the FZ18.

FZ28 is better in lower light
Different tests &samples confirm that the FZ28 is better in lowlight than the FZ18. The FZ28 also gives less yellow splotches in lowlight.

1. comparision FZ28,FZ18 and Fuji F31fd
I compared the FZ28, the FZ18 and the famous Fuji F31fd in lowlight (ISO 400 - 3200 ).
At ISO 1600 the FZ28 is better then the FZ18 and almost as good of the F31fd, but the Fuji presents better the details.
At ISO 3200 (the Pany high sensitivity mode) the FZ28 is sharper and has less splotches then the FZ18, but I prefer the noise of the Fuji more then the smearing of Pany.
So the FZ28 is better then the FZ18 and the Fuji F31fd is still a little better, but the difference is not so big.

I placed the test pictures on Flickr.

2. FZ28 test effect noise reduction at ISO 1600
The FZ28 noise reduction seems to reduce some artefacts. And the noise reduction makes the FZ28 picture sharper. So I advice to use at ISO 1600 noise reduction: +2. But this picture needs to be sharpend more. So Iso 1600 is usebale for small prints. You can download the result here.



I placed the test pictures on Flickr.

FZ28 offers more user control:
- adjusting the whitebalance by choosing colortemperature.
-------(and sunsets are beautiful at the blue sky temperature of 8000 degrees)
- showing the highlight clipping.
- the picture adjustments settings have more effect

FZ28 offers more i (intelligent) control
- ia mode is very useful

FZ28 has a better electronic viewfinder
This EVF is sharper for a human eye with 5% more pixels and 10% smaller Field of View.
This EVF is really better for spectacles wearers. The Field of View is the same as looking at the lcd at 16cm

FZ28 has a bigger and brighter lcd

FZ28 gives 25% better flash

FZ28 gives 15% better battery life
FZ28 gives video zoom and HD video

Some other differences:
- the FZ28 doesn't need a -2/3 exposuretime correction
- the FZ28 saturation seems a little pale
- the FZ28 macro enlargement is about 10% smaller. In the macro mode you can make pictures of the dust on your UV-filter .